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MorphExchangeMorphExchange v0.6b Windows

Java Application to Internalize Poser 6 PMD morphs as regular morphs within Poser file. Please read included Readme.txt for installation and usage. Requires Windows 98 or later, Java 1.4.2 or later.*

* MorphExchange checks for required Java version. You will be directed to where to download if needed.


American Sign Language Volume 01American Sign Language – Volume 01

This is the first volume of ASL partial animated Pose files for Poser. There are 88 animated poses. The first set are the 26 letters of the Manual Alphabet for fingerspelling, each 45 frames at 30 fps (1.5 seconds in duration). The second set are the first 62 basic signs, each a variable frame count at 30 fps.



BasketballBasketball prop

External geometry – 1087 vertices, 1120 polygons.

Color and bump map – 768 x 384 jpgs.




UltraEditUltraEdit32 WordFile for Poser File Format

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