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We specialize in Cinema 4D plugins, applications, mobile device apps, web design, and 3D graphics. Our best known product is InterPoser Pro, a Cinema 4D plugin that allows Cinema 4D to import and work with Poser content in much the same way as Poser.

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Spring Cleaning

So, it has been decided to thin the herd.  Only these plugins will be for sale: Greebler, Unfurl, InterPoser Pro, and Drop It! Pro.  If you really want one of the discontinued plugins (Symmorphy, InterPoser Ltd, Collision Deformer for R12 and earlier), please email a request with your Cinema 4D 11-digit serial number so that I can issue you a serial number and provide download links.

There are two reasons for this decision.  First, those plugins are pretty much past their usefulness.  Second, I am beginning work on new plugin projects of a more consequential and useful nature.  I promise that these will not be yet another render engine or a cog generator.  The past year has been spent doing online courses at MIT OCW in order to expand my programming, mathematical, and algorithm design skills despite working more than full-time.

I hope to have the first looks at the first project within a couple months.  Wish me success and thank you for all of your continued support!

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Emails, emails, emails

GoDaddy is in the process of transferring its email servers from MS Exchange to Office 365.  I am in the process of migrating my business email for Outlook under the circumstance. Currently, it appears as though some troubleshooting with them has resolved problems with sending and receiving on my account.  Nonetheless, please be patient, expect some emails from my yahoo email account, and always check your junk/spam folders to see if my email was erroneously marked and moved there.  If you receive my responses, I would appreciate a reply to note success.  If not, email my yahoo account (roberttempleton_64@yahoo.com) to let me know that you haven’t received anything in an appropriate time period.



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Check out Renderfeed’s post in the forum

Renderfeed is interviewing C4D artists and posting them here and elsewhere.  You should check them out and support their efforts.


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Unfurl Updated: Beveling now works in C4D R15

An update of Unfurl is now available that resolves inability to add bevels to polygons in Cinema 4D R15. The MacOS version was built by Remotion4D and I am unable to test the plugin myself on a Mac so please let me know your results.



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Greebler updated for Cinema 4D R13 to R15

As far as I am concerned, the library and document support in the R15 build was buggy at best, crashy at worst.   This new build resolves all of that and adds new features to R13 and later without issues or crashes.

Here is the update list:

– Added automatic creation of Custom Greebles in the Greebler Library Manager from splines (please set to XZ axis for proper results).  No need to follow the entire tutorial in the HTML documentation.  You can omit the extrusion, make editable, etc.  Simply drag-n-drop your spline into the Custom Shapes tab -> Shapes list box.

– Added Enable generators buttons to Greebler Object and Tag. Added “Include Tags” on Greebler Object when enabling or disabling generators so that all Greebler Tags on objects under the Greebler Object will be enabled or disabled accordingly.

– Added Element Rotations for Bars, Arrays, and Ring Arrays for Stock Greebles, Custom Greebles, and Nurnies.

– Fixed Libraries in Cinema 4D R15. Libraries items now show, can be added, and created in the Greebler Library Manager.

– Loading of older Greebler example documents in C4D R15 now works once again instead of crashing C4D.

In the next update, the beveling methodology for Custom Greebles will be modified to better handle complex shapes.  For now, setting Bevel to 100%/100% gives best results in those situations where intermediate values give poor results.  This will be fixed and hope to add some general performance improvements in the next update.

Please download the update here:


Note: I am aware that there is an issue with Greebler’s multithreading and Cinema 4D’s new Team Render.  It is hoped that this can be researched and rectified in the near term.


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